Things to do, activities and tours for tourists in Phi Phi Island

Visitors looking for a variety of cultural attractions in Phi Phi Island will not be disappointed with so many options to choose from.

Here you can find some activities and things to do in Phi Phi Island:

Three times a week, the Reggae Bar Complex offers live Thai boxing. Bangkok These professionals have training camps on the island of Phi Phi. They get to bring some big national names in the high season. The fight night is great as so are the crowds.

Ko Phi Phi Lei was the setting for the film The Beach in 2000. This movie with Leonardo Dicaprio, is the main cause of the dramatic increase in tourism in both Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lei. With this remarkable new hotels and businesses seemed to spring from the overnight. You can see where the shooting actually took place and enjoy this magical paradise.

This large cave is about 3.2 square kilometers in size and the name comes from one of the numerous drawings on the wall which resembles a Viking ship. The roof is about 10-15 meters high and contains many ledges inhabited by thousands of swallows, therefore, the demonstration of a bird's nest is a regular feature of the guided tours.

If you love shopping then you will love trading in markets and stalls outdoor Phi Phi. The main shopping line stretches along the central road of Phi Phi Don, but you can find vendor booths across the island offering everything from souvenirs, silk, jewelry, paintings, sculptures and works of art.Remember to haggle!

Walk to the mountains of Phi Phi Don, where you can see nature at its best. Majestic landscapes and pristine waters are the magic ingredients of a privileged place. Try to get on a lookout for a classic view of Phi Phi Island. You can get there by following the path behind Tonsai. At sunrise is amazing to see the sun spilling over the cliffs.

Hin Bida attracts a large number of Leopard sharks and often Nurse Sharks and Coral also. In February and March you can see sharks lurking in the preferred location of whales about 8 miles southeast of Phi Phi Lei. With dive professionals, you can actually swim with the sharks!

Three times a year Phi Phi hosts a soccer tournament in the style of the island. About 15 teams fight for 10 days of tough competition. Furthermore, when given that there is a large land clearing by the tides, you can find locals to play a friendly football match.

PHI PHI ISLAND: day trips

For those Phi Phi Island's tourists unable to spend the night in Phi-Phi Don, there are day trips from Phuket or Krabi.

With or without tourists, Phi Phi Island area is for all tastes and ages